My ex boyfriend fell out of love with me, he said I changed, should I tell him I wanna change because I love him?

Ok, so the last month we were together i was more annoying, i complained a lot about my hair bc all the dying, and my eyes. I was less motivated about business school. And nothing else actually, i didn't really change much. My dad says maybe he changed too. Guys like him are hard to find... he is amazing. I miss him terribly, i want him so bad. He used to be crazy about me. On January it was great. On February, his sex drive went down and he was less loving with me. We broke up 2 months ago by the way.
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  • No, show him you're strong and can be independent without him, he'll strangely find it so attractive, and it works 2 ways:

    1. You show him you're strong and don't need him, he'll get jealous and want you back

    2. You start to enjoy being independent, and move on from him quicker

    • yeah but how will he find out that I'm being independent?

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    • i delete his Facebook. I don't have Instagram. I only have his number

    • in that case, just spend time getting to know yourself more, you're so concentrated in him, I'm in a similar scenario myself, where me and my girlfriend have split up and she is such a special girl, and we were amazing together but I ruined it, and regret it so much, you just need to invest all that time in him in yourself, i completely understand it's really hard but you have to try

  • I think he should have mention that he was not happy with some of the things you were doing, and try to give you a chance to fix these problems as a couple before breaking up with you.

    Tbh I don't think that was the main reason why he broke up with you.

  • Yes, maybe he will fall in love with you again


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