I lost the girl of my dreams, how do I live anymore?

I lost the girl who i know is the one, and now I don't know how to live with myself anymore. Its a hellish night mere, i need help.
People keep saying i should give it time, but how do i distract myself so I don't feel tempted to bother her?


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  • Have you tried to talk to her? How has she responded? Why did it end? For women, we are a lot like men. Fight a little bit for us-as in show us you dont want us to breakup, but dont smother us. it only pushes us away. Keep yourself busy. The old saying is true, the more you go no contact, the more we will miss you (eventually) whether it be days, weeks, months or years, we will miss you.

    • I hope you are right

    • I'm 32. I've been dumped and the dumpee. Every time I've run into my exes, we always ended up talking again. I'm married now, but trust me, time is truly, honestly, the best recipe. Go start working out or making time for your friends. It will keep you busy.

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  • You are still young. Takes time to heal. You will meet other wonderful women throughout your life. Maybe its not meant to be right now. It doesn't mean you won't meet again when the time is right. If she's the one, she will come back to you.


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