Over three years later, and I am STILL in love with my former best friend. . ?

I became friends with benefits with my former best friend of ten years. He and I actually lived together for close to a year, but I chose to move across the country to pursue educational endeavors. I fell in love with him, but I refused to beg for a commitment. Well, he seemed to not care about me as much after I relocated, so I shared with him how much it bothered me. He showed very little concern so I moved on with my life. It's been​ a little over three years, and I'm still in love with him. I've tried everything in power to not think about him, but the love is the same. I tried to reach out to him last year, but he completely rejected me. I am no longer wanting him back, but I am needing some advice about​ how to let it go. He seems to have moved on and it also seems like it never devastated him the way that it did me and my family. Who here has been through anything similar? How did you cope?


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  • If it's to that extent I suggest you seek some therapy, they'd be able to help you better than anyone from a random site. It's been 3 years and you sound pretty fed up with it, it doesn't hurt to try.

    • I'm assuming that you'll shell out cash for said therapist? Also, I didn't mention lying down and dying. . . life goes on. I'm just trying to distance myself from the memory. I sought therapy in the past due to the depression that it initially caused, but I was paying for something that could be resolved with exercise and keeping busy.

    • Yes but it's still not working is it? Have you dated other guys? Putting yourself out there really helps.

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  • how to let it go is blocck him, get rid of anything that reminds you of him, go out and start dating and having sex with other people, get a hobby to preoccupy your headspace and just enjoy your life without him

    • He is blocked from everything. I've had another sexual partner, but we lacked chemistry. I do need to engage myself in a hobby that keeps my mind off of it, though.

    • ... we'll find one whom you have chemistry wiith or engage yourself keep yourself busy find new things that interest and excited you like hobbies and such

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