Guys, help me find out why this guy cut it off?

On our third date, the guy I like told me he had two purposes on dating, one is to play around and the other is to find someone to care about. I freaked out after hearing that, so I told him the reason why I broke up with my ex is because he played a lot and dated other girls so we broke up.

I was kind emotional when I talked about it (about to cry), cause I was really scared that this guy would do the same to me (not because I miss my ex or anything) . Then he said you didn't even hear me finish, implying that I'm in the second purpose of his to develop serious relationship.

After that date, he cut me off. Then a few days later he said we should be friends, and he didn't want to mislead me. He sounded sad, but it was a misunderstanding (because he said that scary words first). He also mentioned it was also partly because i refused to kiss him on our third date (i didn't really refuse, i kissed him one cheek instead of month) What should I do?

I know I did wrong. But, do you think he cut it off because of the ex talk, or because he didn't like me enough at first, or he just wanna play me? which is the reason that leads to break up? I wanna hear some opinion from guys' perspective. Thanks a lot!
  • because I mentioned my ex
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  • because he just wants to play originally
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  • because he doesn't like me enough
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  • When I first saw your question, I thought you were referring to his penis...

    But now that we have that straight, I'd say that something about you just didn't turn out to be as he expected. Or else he was just looking for sex.

  • because he doesn't like me enough


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