I feel like I have left of business with my ex what should I do about it?

the other day I happened to bump into my ex while shopping with my family. It felt like i have been stabbed in the chest. We were standing in line waiting to pay for our things.. my ex turned around notice me and stop to look for a few seconds then kept walking like she was in a rush to leave.. I felt like I can feel her angry coming off of her. My ex happens to work at the place my family shops at so I see her when ever I go there which isn't often she will just stare at me from her cash register which makes me uncomfortable... I don't known if she wants to talk to me or not since I never been there alone or make eye contact with her. I simple try to not pay he any mind even through I notice this and my friends notice it.

I haven't spoken to my ex in along ass time. The last time we spoke she cried said I did nothing wrong that her parents forbid her from speaking to me, said her new boyfriend treats her like a sex objected.2 days later she went back to pushing me away , calling me names and acting like a ass so I stop talking to her and moved on.

Both me and my ex are currently in relationship with new people and seem to be happy. I been with my new girlfriend for almost 12 months as of June 28 and my ex is still with the same guy she was crying about almost 15 months ago. I known I shouldn't care but I feel like we have left over business and sometimes wake up from dreams of her that fucked up my day.

During our break up I prayed everyday for help.. it was my Christmas wish and birthday wish for a 2d chance with my ex girlfriend but it never happened.. I got so desperate I promised god I would do a few things if he made my wish cone true. But I realized I can't wait on one girl because am worth more then someone who would let their family tell them who they can't and can't date. Sorry for spelling mistake
I feel like I have left of business with my ex what should I do about it?
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