Why do guys sex their way out of feelings?

I had been with this guy for the last year and I want to know if it was all me or if I was crazy.

We weren't dating but we basically were without the title. We were off and on throughout the year and I think it was because everytime he felt we were getting too coupley he would do something asshole-ish to push me away. It would work but we would just pick up from where we were until this last time.

I left for break expecting to return in the fall to figure us out, however, 3 weeks after I leave town he sleeps with someone else. I'm sure he knew it would get back to me

I don't want him after this but I want honest thoughts into if he ever cared or if I just wanted to think he did. I know I didn't give many details but I feel the sweet things and the asshole things canceled each other out pretty evenly.

Why do guys sex their way out of feelings, that is if they were even there? Was it all me?
Why do guys sex their way out of feelings?
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