She keeps ignoring my messages and going on Twitter instead?

Hi, last time I spoke to my girlfriend was may 31st and we said our I love you/I love you too's. Its June 3rd and she hasn't responded to any of my three texts of me telling her I miss her/if everythings okay. I messaged her today asking why she's been ignoring me, and from what I saw she ignored that message too and went on twitter instead. Am I taking things too serious or should I break up with her? Communication is key to me.


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  • I think you should tell her that if she doesn't want to respond to you then you will have to break up with her because it takes two to be in a relationship. It can't just be you trying to make it work. You need to tell her that you are taking things seriously and if she doesn't want to do that then you two shouldn't be together... be straightforward but don't be too harsh. Hope that helps


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