Something keeps bugging me about my ex but I don't know what it is what should I do about it?

Here what I been thinking about things or thing could be the problem.

1. My current girlfriend says I should try talking to my ex but I feel like I done all I can to save our friendship and our relationship in the past. So if she wanted to still be friends she will talk to me with out me doing anything.
2. Pick up more hobbies and give myself more time and see if it stops bugging me. It's been over 2 years and something is still bugging me about her so maybe I need more time.
Here what I think could be the problem.
1. i missed our friendship we were best friends before we dated and promise not to let dating effect that but it didn't work out the way we planed.
2. I still got feeling for her.
3. Seeing my ex reminds me of everything her parents did to broke us up. There was never a time in my life that I felt like such a waste of a person then during our break up.. her parents treated me like I was dirty and like I was a crazy person instead of a human.
What do you guys think I should do or kind be wrong with me? I normally just go for along walk when ever this bugs me but just tried of this effecting me. This doesn't effect me that often but when it does I feel this way for at least 3-4 days


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  • leave it then


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  • Do not talk to your girlfriend about missing your ex. It is not fair to her!! And if you do contact your ex it must be 1000% platonic or again it's not fair to your girlfriend. You have to choose one of them. You can't be giving your heart to both. It won't work.

    • My girlfriend knowns I tell her everything so she knowns what she wants to do it needs to do. i feel like if am having doubts or something bugging me it's wrong to hide it from my girlfriend since it could effect her as will. But I don't know if and I don't know if what's bugging me is. The fact I wanna date her agin or if I wanna be friends

    • Yeah, well don't come crying if you are ever in love with someone who keeps talking about their ex. Karma is a bitch. You will get why it's not cool then.

    • I don't really talk about my ex that often so not like my ex has to hear me bitch about it every week or even every month. Yes karma is a bitch but I don't feel like am wrong for being honestly with my girlfriend so she knowns what she's getting into. My ex use to use her ex has excuses for her behavior I treat every girl I date with 100% respected. My girlfriend still wants to date me knowing this has been bugging and since dating my current girlfriend I have gotta so much better. i would bitch if any of my girlfriend talked about their ex I would be understand about it even if they left me for that ex.

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