Excuses, excuses? Is he cheating?

Guys: what's your opinion:

Like clockwork, every couple of weeks, my bf's cell phone battery dies, and he doesn't call me back for hours. And that is his excuse: his cell phone.

Its a brand f***ing new phone...WTF?

Seriously, am I being avoided? Or even worse, maybe cheated on?

if it is avoidance, he won't tell me about it. I mean, come on, he's avoiding me.

And he knows, I encourage him to go see his friends!

and its really like clockwork, every second Thursday or friday...


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  • Just because it's a new phone doesn't mean it won't die. And just because he doesn't call you back doesn't mean he's cheating. Give the guy a break, maybe he just needs his alone time and some space. Even in the closest relationships, people need their own space so they don't lose themselves in the relationship. Don't just assume he's cheating. Talk to him about it and tell him how you feel. At least to give you some peace of mind about it. He is probably telling the truth, don't get so mad at him about it because that will just push him away. Good luck:)

    • Thank you for your reply. I do understand the need for space, and respect it as so.

      That's just the thing....he knows that. And he doesn't hear me complaining about it..... and I get this "strange" feeling while it happens.

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  • Maybe you are just being avoided because he wants some space or time alone, but either way teh battery excuse is BS unless he can show you it happening.

    • What makes you say its an excuse? what could he require an excuse for if I don't nag him about being out with his friends? ever.

      Thanks for your reply.

    • If that is really the case then he is probably cheating.

    • Got any advise? plus we're not really having sex anymore. like he's avoiding me for that to

  • Maybe you're just too needy and the poor guy needs a break.

    • Thank you for your honesty.

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