How to live without girlfriend when u need one?

My crush said she wasn't into me... i know i need a girlfriend... that is one of the thing i need the more. do u guys have advices to make without?


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  • You do not need anyone to continue to live a happy life. You are still YOUNG like really young, remember that.


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  • First off, realize that you don't NEED a woman in your life. The only thing you need a woman for is reproduction, and if you want to get your rocks off with another person. Women are a lot of cost, a lot of stress, and a lot of bullshit, all for a quick orgasm.

    Concentrate on you. The things you enjoy, and improving yourself. Mind and body. Be the best you that you can possibly be, don't be a simp, and you will have no problem getting women.


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  • You're 15. You do not need a girlfriend. Focus on school and worry about relationships later. You have your entire life to find a girlfriend.

  • You don't need a girlfriend

    • yh, in my heart i have a void. no joke i really feel i need one

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    • Yes, it's normal.

    • and by the way my brain can't stop tinking (not a joke, I don't know how to stop) and the osteopath said i had to "feel" sometimes and stop thinking, for exemple doing sports, i guess a girlfriend would help

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