Can anyone give me advice on getting over my ex?

We only broke up a week ago but I haven't stopped thinking about her. It wasn't a toxic relationship or anything she was genuinely an amazing woman that I fell deeply in love with which is why I'm struggling to get over her. Can you give me advice on how to get over her or am I just going to have to work through this painful process again myself?
She also wanted me to still be friends with her because we were before and she said she didn't want to completely lose me. Is it a good idea because I'm really not sure?


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  • First of all - Give it time. Pamper yourself during the first weeks. Also, keep occupied helps getting your mind off her. Maybe look for new hobbies or something like that.


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  • NEVER be friends with an ex. Once they are an ex, cut them out of your life completely.

    Start fucking other girls. Maybe even date a few. That will help.

    • Unfortunately I'm not a guy that can just do that easily. She was my first girlfriend in a while.

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    • I'd never say to lower your standards.

      How are you trying? There might be something you're doing wrong.

    • I don't know how other people do it but I generally get to know the girl and try to see if there's any indication if they like me and ask them out. This last one just liked me from the beginning when we first met though and immediately said she loved me so I had an easy time with it and it was a great relationship till things got complicated and we broke up.

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