Will he ever unblock me?

My partner of 5 years and I recently split after an argument after which he blocked me on whatsapp.
He hasn't blocked me from contacting him altogether though, so I sent him a message:
"I never wanted to push you to the point where you would want to cut me out of your life.
I don't hate you. Sometimes I wish I did as it would make things easier, but I don't. I am deeply unhappy with the way things are between us and rather than be honest with myself and walk away I have kept trying to convince you to want me when you don't anymore. I hope that you don't hate me. And I am sorry it's has gotten to this point."
He replied "I don't hate u I just know this is not good for u"
We haven't been getting on for quite some time.
It's a relief that things are over and I am feeling a lot happier now but he lives very close by and I know that we will end up bumping into each other as I walk my dogs past where he lives quite regularly , I've lived in the area a lot longer than he has so I'm not going to alter my routine and I don't feel like I need to hide from him as I don't bear him any Ill feelings, if anything I miss him, but not enough to do anything about it. I would like at some point in the future for us to go back to being friends but I know that's not going to happen overnight.
I have stayed off and deleted whatsapp but I'm curious if he will ever unblock me again?
Will he ever unblock me?
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