Will he ever unblock me?

My partner of 5 years and I recently split after an argument after which he blocked me on whatsapp.
He hasn't blocked me from contacting him altogether though, so I sent him a message:
"I never wanted to push you to the point where you would want to cut me out of your life.
I don't hate you. Sometimes I wish I did as it would make things easier, but I don't. I am deeply unhappy with the way things are between us and rather than be honest with myself and walk away I have kept trying to convince you to want me when you don't anymore. I hope that you don't hate me. And I am sorry it's has gotten to this point."
He replied "I don't hate u I just know this is not good for u"
We haven't been getting on for quite some time.
It's a relief that things are over and I am feeling a lot happier now but he lives very close by and I know that we will end up bumping into each other as I walk my dogs past where he lives quite regularly , I've lived in the area a lot longer than he has so I'm not going to alter my routine and I don't feel like I need to hide from him as I don't bear him any Ill feelings, if anything I miss him, but not enough to do anything about it. I would like at some point in the future for us to go back to being friends but I know that's not going to happen overnight.
I have stayed off and deleted whatsapp but I'm curious if he will ever unblock me again?


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  • i guess you know what he ment with his sentence, sounds like he doesn't care to get back where you 2 were but ' know it's not good for you' only you know what that means. he might have blocked you so you do not see his online status, especially if you message him frequently once he is online.

    • I have found myself to be very needy recently and constantly contacting him once I see him online. Our relationship hasn't been a healthy one for quite a bit. The constant arguing for one thing has driven a wedge between us. If I could fix it I would but don't know where to even start. I had hoped he had phrased it that way because he cared but I have my doubts now 😔

    • i don't know him, but you do. ofc he said it bcs he cares, he said it for you to move on easier. but does he want to get back to you? only you know that.. if you initiated the separation than that may be more than friendly care.
      in any case, man.. we do not talk about problem endlessly as to talk-it-out, we usually try to calm down and we need time for that, to gather facts and come to some solution. let him think a while

    • Talk to him, I urge you to talk

  • u should move on now


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't dwell on the past - move on! He clearly tries to.


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