Why did he disappear?

I know pretty well that this is common among relationships. One day you re so close to one another, the other day you re like ghosts. No communication whatsoever. I fancied him. We met online and knew each other for 3 months. He used to call me and text pretty often. We used to always joke and laugh together, share our life miseries, try to understand our goals and fears. We had a strong mutual understanding.

He sometimes tried to be a little sexual. Complimenting my cleavage, calling me babe. Holding my hands, gazing into my eyes, playing with my hair. There was a cute physical attraction, specially since i m quite short and he s very tall.

Things started to get cold. Sometimes he used to ignore me for days. Sometimes he used to pop up back. I was confused, and was scared of getting hurt, so i used to back off sometimes as well. That used to upset him too. As in "why would you be busy when i need to see you?"

We still hanged out together whenever we had the chance. Last time i ever saw him, he invited me to a party to see his friends.
Later on he lied about not going when he actually did (his tagged photos). I was frustrated and confused. I was a little aggressive. I told him "Just forget about my existence, i was never important to you. You didn t have to lie, and make me feel worthless."

After then, he vanished. He didn t even reply. It was sort of like, thank god she buzzed off my life.

He used to follow me on instagram, and view my instagram stories. My last feed was pictures of me in an airport, after then i've realized that he un followed me.
+1 y
I've tried to reach him afterwards saying i missed him and hoping that everything's going well in his life. Unfortunately he haven't replied back ever since.
Why did he disappear?
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