Should I accept her apology? Does she have regrets?

A girl at my job thats liked me for a while kissed me the other day and admitted to liking me for a long time. her boyfriend has been weary of our friendship for since we met, always accusing her of liking me which was true. When she kissed me I had told her this isn't right she has a boyfriend. but I gave into and kissed her back.

The next day she breakups with him and tell me she wants to be with me. I respond by saying that im not sure if us getting together after she breaks up with him is a good idea right now and we need some space and to take things slow. she wouldn't listen she said she has a good feeling about me. We went out 3 times that week had a great time. she called it the best week of her life.

I go to work the next morning and she's tell me she admitted to her ex she kissed me and everything else that happened that week.. saying she's sorry for the whole mess, thats she's a whore, and he deserved to know.

Before my shift starts a few days ago she comes up to me apologizing and all I could do is look at her with digust and walk away.

She was my best friend. Like I know I wasn't used to make him jealous.. but I just dont know what I did wrong.. or why she went back to him. she does crave attention and the night before she told her ex about us I didn't respond to her messages the last text she sent was I love you and I wake up the next morning to one saying I told him about us. like she isn't a bad person but the way she was acting the past 3 weeks is the complete opposite of how she normally is. this is petty but I didn't care much for their relationship at first but not that I feel like I was used I kinda want it to fail heh.
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also its not like im attractive or anything. she's the only person from day one thats said I was cute. I never understood it but if she told me that on day one.
No im not selling myself short, im like 310.
her boyfriend is a pretty good looking guy too.
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thank you guys for all the input!! I guess the real reason Im asking this is because I work with her. I've been in some relationships with coworkers at my old jobs. But they never started or ended like this before.
and the other day I saw her she looked miserable. Coworkers used to say she lights up whenever I walk by. I dont see that anymore.

Anyway its just a little uncomfortable.
Should I accept her apology? Does she have regrets?
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