Bought my ex flowers for her Birthday. How do I explain why I got her flowers without mentioning getting back together with her even though I want to?

I was thinking of saying something like " I hope you liked the flowers I got you. They are not flowers about getting back together right now because I know you don't know what you want, they are flowers for friendship. I told you I still care about you and I wanted to show it and I don't want to lose you as a friend because you are still important to me. I enjoyed seeing you really happy when I dropped them off because you have a hard week. I wanted to put a smile on your face on your birthday".


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  • Didn't I saw the post before? Anyways don't make it awkward just say it when the time feels right

    • Well that sounds sweet

    • Thank you. When I gave her the flowers I got nervous and didn't know what to say. Her dad answered the door. I work with her and I got a couple different stories. One story was when on of my coworkers texted her and said happy birthday she responded with guess who showed up at my house. I know what has more than 1 meaning and hard to interpret from text, another coworkers said she overheard her talking to another coworkers saying how she liked the flowers. I don't know what to think. I know she was surprised by it.

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