Talk about ex's?

I mean I don't know I tend to talk about all kinda shit, if the subject ever comes around, pls don't go thinking that I wanna run in their arms or something. Look I mean, hello I'm talking to you about it, I've grown past them and chose you that's why I wanna feel comfortable having any kind of random conversation with you.

I know this'll create debates, but I'm generally interested in the consensus. Keep it civil, please.
  • We're two reasonable adults that f-ing know how to talk about our emotions to each other
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  • wth bro
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  • I don't even understand what you said?


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  • You shouldn't talk to your gf/bf about ex's until like you've been dating them for a very long time... becauae if you talk to them about it early on they may think somethings up. Talk to them about ex's after a long time being together... And even then it still would just depend on the person, because some people he jealous easily no matter how long you've been with them.

    • Yeah I suppose after enough time has passed that you both fully trust each other to be responsible but there's nothing essentially wrong with it

    • Write I mean the past is the past and past feelings are past feelings... but like honestly if your with a girl long enough and you know the way she is, you will definitely know if it's ok with bringing up past relationships.

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