My ex is sending mixed signals?

So my ex and I were together for only 6 months, yeah, I know, not very long. We had known each other for maybe 2 years but really started talking about 2 months before we started dating. Regardless, we were very into each other. We really believed we would be together forever and we both wanted to. It was often brought up. I was his first gf. And he hasn't dated anyone since me. Ever since we broke up however, he has always looked at me. And due to my 16-year-old overreaction and clinginess he ended up ex-communicating me. We haven't really spoken in about a year and a half, I am now 18. But, as I said, he's always looking at me. He always has since the breakup. Sometimes he glances, but often when I have my eyes closed while I sing he stares at me. I've opened my eyes to see it, and friends have confirmed it. I don't want to be together with him or anything. I just want to restore a friendship. The breakup was pretty bad and I was really awful, granted I WAS a 16 year old girl who had been proposed to by an overly zealous, inexperienced boy. But he is very sweet, and intelligent and just overall fun to be around. We see each other about 3 times a week through church, and not having communication with someone who was once very close to you is rather disturbing to me. I guess I'm just wondering how to show him I'm no longer crazy and clingy. And that I want a friendship, and nothing more. I'm hoping the signs he DOES show prove that he wants SOMETHING there, however I'm not totally sure how to go about it. Recently I've tried to basically just be a friend, but I was kind of afraid it might have come off to him as being patronizing. I'm not sure. I'm just trying to be who I am without freaking him out or disturbing the delicate balance of regaining someone's trust. He hurt me a lot, and I've forgiven him inwardly, I'm sure I've hurt him, it was rather apparent,but I don't know if that all has been handled. So how do you think would be best to make a friendship out of rubble?


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  • You can't be friends with an ex, he is not over you from the way he acts, just ends up making it worse, he doesn't get over it even if you have and the temtation might be their just to be friends with benefits or hook up.

    He is an ex for a reason, move on, if you try it can just get messy if it doens work out...


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  • my ex and I are going through the exact same thing almost except I wasn't clingy and he just said I was (is calling 2x a week really clingy?!) and we tried being friends but it didn't work out so he cut me off but I'm still getting signs he wants me back even though he sad he dosent. anyways what were doing now to regain the friendship we lost is slowly regaining some communication. for example we now comment on mutual friends statuses and things so we get notifications on each other (it really was that bad) and occasionally an inbox asking about the others week an other casual things. were also starting to hang out at the same places again so we get used to seeing each other and say hi and basically were just slowly getting used to eachothers presence again and it's working well so far. so maybe you should try just emailing or inboxing him or texting him or soemthing and if h returns it its a good sign and maybe you'll gradually become friends again, hope I helped :)


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