Is it possible for us to stay together? Or should we part ways?

My girlfriend is a traditional catholic 20 year old and is also not from the US originally. We've been dating for awhile but her father doesn't know. She feels she has to wait awhile to tell him since he is traditional and expects couples to talk first for a year and etc. I am also her first actual relationship as well.
He talks bad about me to my girlfriend and won't let her out if it's with me so she has been lying all of the school year to spend time with me. We just finished our first year of college.
Now it is summer and we cannot see each other because he won't let her. He told her that he doesn't trust me because one night we had a misinterpretation and I had taken her out so we can talk and just look at the stars but apparently he wanted me to visit her inside their home where everyone was sleeping and he wasn't there. Her mom approves of me but the way their family is run is through him. She told me that he said he will hit me if he sees me again. She is even scared that he will do something to her as well. I really love this girl but her father isn't accepting that we love each other even though she has been trying to show that she is in love and that she wants this. He said "you can hangout with anyone else, why does it have to be him". Her mother is going to talk to him about us but then again his words outrule everyone.
I feel selfish for staying with her knowing that she has to go through hearing bad talk about me when she is at home. I feel like I have caused so much problems. We both love each other but he is making it hard for us to be together. We are thinking of ending it but I know deep down we both don't want to because we still are in love. I'm not sure what to do here.


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  • You should talk to him man to man and build a relationship.. otherwise he'll always be controlling of her as long as she's under his roof.

    • How should I if he doesn't like me anymore
      I have his number if that helps

    • He told me that I am still allowed over but when she asks he says no. I want to build a relationship with him because I want to marry his daughter but I don't know how at this point.

    • Go over there and talk to him personally, you guys need to bond, if she's important it doesn't matter if he dislikes you, it's about the respect you show him, You gotta talk to his ego pretty much.

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