Why do some guys take their anger out on girls?

some guys who are in depression. and have anxiety. why do those guys hurt their girlfriends. like I know a guy he's my best friend's boyfriend currently her ex. he is in depression due to family and career issues. and he knew that she is the only good thing in his life. but he tool that and broke up with her because he said he isn't settled right now and that maybe in the future he has no idea if they'll get back together but for now he wants nothing to do with her. I mean what do guys like him think. does he still love her and just wants to depress her too.. any guesses?


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  • Depression can and often does crazy shit to people and the ones they love... it sucks for all involved.. Hopefully he seeks help before he burns all his bridges

    • he doesn't even go to a doctor. his family also takes it lightly oh he has depression no biggie. and he alwaysss takes it out on her and refuses to admit that he does this. always wants to come out as the victim and makes her seem like the bad guy. that she hurt him. and expected too much from him

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  • heartless cunts needs lessons

    • not all the girls are heartless. still they get dumped like this.

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