Should I break it?

Thinking about breaking up. I have been with the best guy for half a year, we have spend lot of time together in person but we are long distance now.

The only reasons i am thinking about breaking it is that i don't know if he hopes to gain something and i don't know if he has plans to be together in a near future.

How to make up ones mind?


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  • Long distance relationships rarely work to be honest You both have to be very committed But the temptation of local commitment is always on the table In addition to this your can only be together certain days and it gets damaged that your not there for both good and bad days when you both should share this moment

  • LDR needs patience so wait for it or move on. It's up to you

    • But without a plan or a goal we are working towards then what am i waitng for if he just says he doesn't know how.

  • Talk to him about this, then decide. Find out this information.


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