Why is he being distant from me?

hi everyone I met a guy who is working in my area at the moment. I really like him but he has told me not to get to close to him because he doesn't want to break my heart when he goes to back home which is 50 miles away. he used to text me something really sweet everyday but now he seems really distant and when I text him he replies but only in a friendly way where as b4 he used to called me babe,princess etc. he says he doesn't want it to end in heartbreak but I'm confused why he is being so distant from me.we have kissed and had a few intimate occasions. I really don't no what to think,i really like him and feel like I'm falling for him when I shouldn't be. please can you give me your opinion on why he is being like this


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  • That's because the distance is too long.


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