How much would you go for love?

i am now stuck in the hotel in the home town of my loved one i traveled countries fpr the chance of meeting her , but hey i guiss she dont love me any more becuse she didn't even allowed me to see her


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  • Awww thats kinda sad but did she know you was coming? Like did she ask you to come and then back out? Or did you jus tell her you were coming regardless of what she thought?

    • its her graduation and i told her i will come even thou things between us were not that good at a time
      but i thought i should see her

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    • I wish she'd be kind enough to come see you before you leave. Not at the hotel of course, but like a public place like Starbucks or sumn

    • No it's Okey
      Even tho she said nothing
      That was the loudest wake up scream I will ever get

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