I can't stop thinking of my ex?

It's tearing my heart. He's moved on and has a new girl. I'm still living in our memories and I don't feel I'll ever move on. I still think of our first date and every single moment that made me happy.
I still remember his voice and how he hugged me.
I feel the whole break up was and still is my fault, even though he was flawed, and many of my friends say he's no good for me and it's his fault.
I just don't see my life without him and it scares me because I know we'll never be together and I need to move on.

... just how does one move on?


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  • dont ever move on because if you ever truly loved him you would just spend your life as that j cany do anything against it so you are fully helpless and if what you have given ghe description is true then its true love maybe he hadn't but you have and there is great power in one sided love

    • and one that moves on is not a lover is a flirty but if he or she moves on for the sake of betterment of his beloved life then its good infact its great

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    • I will always love him till the day I die, no matter what he's done. But it's time to move on for me

    • yeah you can move on but if you have loved him ghen be a true lover and love him till last breath because now a days everyone is just spoiling the name of love

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  • Dear, I've head a boyfriend who was quite manipulative and emotionally abusive. He broke up with me once and I begged him to take me back. He treated me bad anyway and broke up with me the second time later. I was unhappy. But he hugged me too, we had good memories too, when I used to come out of the shower he used to kneel down and dry my feet with a towel. So romantic, but he didn't love me anyway and was really a dickhead to me. I realized it only after my feelings faded and then I hated myself for ever begging him. I should have broken up with him first. Try to think objectively, did he really treat you right, with love and respect or was it just YOUR FEELINGS that made you happy? This is a very important question. Anyway, he gave up on you. You need someone to cherish you. If it's meant to be, he'll come back but don't focus your life on this thought. Go out, be awesome, make a better version of yourself and make him regret losing you by how great you are.

    • I guess he wasn't very good to me and he only really seem interested in my body.
      I'm just too kind, it doesn't matter how many times someone hurts me I never see the bad in them... Sometimes I see it as a weakness.
      I shouldn't be so gullible, but thank you for the advice. I'll try to show I'm a better person than him

    • I used to be the same as you are. If he wasn't in love with you then please do yourself a favor and stop thinking that you want him back. You will miss him for a while more, but let your brain know that he's not deserving you. Your feelings would fade away let's say in 10 years and realize he was not the right one for you. Then you would have wasted many years on the wrong guy. You never know what happens. I met a new love just two weeks after a guy broke up with me. Be open to new opportunities :)

    • I'm going to be very open to new guys. I know it'll take a bit and I should build my confidence again, I do know there is a better guy out there I just know it.
      I don't really want to wait 10 years it's too long. I want a family and you have a point I can't keep hanging on something that is never going to be there. Because as you say he doesn't deserve me and I deserve a guy that'll treat me right :)

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  • At some point you need to stop thinking about him, block him everywhere facebook, delete number etc. Then start doing something in your life, if you succeed with this, you will stop thinking about him and eventually feel better, otherwise this is like a bermuda's triangle, you need to act in order to get out of this, because the only person being hurt is you.

  • Was he your first? The first is the hardest. Realize he's never coming back and you'll be better without him.

    • Yeah he was the first. I keep telling myself he will come back even though I know it's not true

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    • @Alex31 you know that didn't end very well right? XD or haven't you finished it?

    • omg, I did finish it. well, the fact is that he DID MEET his destiny. All my prayers for all of us not to end up with a destiny who's destined to die :D

  • time heals all things

    just picture this:
    10 years into the future he is with another girl and you are still single because you miss him at your side.

    There has to be a point where you let the image of him or otherwise this will be your reality

  • I'm going to be blunt... Did you sleep with him?

    • Why exactly?

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    • aah, dont worry, it does get better

    • Good to know :)

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