Girls, Should I wait for her to text me?

Ok, so a week ago a girl that I still care about told me she thought she had feelings for me, but she'd rather now be friends. It never became an actual relationship, but we had been talking for about a month. I've been pretty torn up because of this. I miss her and our genuinely fun text conversations a lot, both of which have since gone silent. I have stopped texting her for the time being. Should I wait a month and text her, wait for her to text me, or should I just try to move on completely (even though I don't want to)?

I want to be strong and move on, but I miss her a lot :( . I'd appreciate you all's opinions.


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  • I think u should text her I know u want to move on but I think u guys should at least have a friendship and I think that will help you


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