Relationship tho?

why do you need to cheat on your girl?


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  • Because they are selfish and irresponsible. when those two are combined together with the fact that he's not satisfied or a girl is seducing him. He will most likely cheat.

  • Simple he or she is a cheater thats why will cheat not only in relationship but friendship and so on its a moral thing both guys and gals can be cheat its never bothers them.

  • Well, U dont need to do that, its just that sometimes the things your Partner does aren't enough for u. So U Seek for enjoyment somewhere else

    • Instead doing enjoyment or whatever. do your thang first. Break her up don't on us guys

    • I mean don't cheat on us

    • If your partner doesn't do enough for you either fix it or leave. Cheating just makes you an asshole.

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