How to handle a Breakup?

So my ex-girlfriend and I were together for a year and a half, and she had to leave me for her job that required her to go around the world. She had said she wanted to break up because she had no longer loved me the same way we started. Yet she cried her heart out and wanted to ask me if I'd ever take her back (in the future) since she hurt me. Needless to say I was pretty hurt by it since she was my first girlfriend, first kiss, first sexual experience, we did everything new together. I can handle the stress, the heartache of losing her, but how do I help her out? Or do I at all? Should I just move on? Or should I figure myself out and give her a second chance far into the future? (I'm a bit annoyed at that last one because it makes me feel like I'm gonna be her backup plan after she meets a bunch of guys since I'm not holding her back anymore...)

So, Girls, and Guys: What say you?


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  • I think if she doesn't meet a ton of guys, you should still consider being with her again. I think it depends on how you felt during the relationship, if it was a year and a half I imagine that you guys were extremely close. You may not find something like that for a long time. consider it


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  • Dude, the same thing happened to me, but the roles were exhanged.
    that was three weeks ago.
    it's hard but don't think about ot, what's the point?
    never. be a backup plan, consider yourself lucky to have had this relationship with her. take it as a great positive experience which will help you grow up, and taught you a lot.
    that's how i do, try to make new encounters, don't let her image stay in your head forever

    • Appreciate the sympathy. My question to you is, do you think I can maintain a friendship? I don't see her as a girlfriend anymore. But she's still a cool person.

    • I wouldn't. There's no friendships after a serious relationship if you'd ask me. i'd rather call her my ex and that's it.
      she's a cool person, yeah sure, but remember that it's probably the same thing you thought before you fell in love with her.
      don't fall in the trap

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  • It sucks when a relationship ends, when my ex broke up with me I cried like a whole month every night, then my mom (getting tired of my shit) give me this book about self independence, it taught me that sometimes things doesn't work how we want to happen specially in relationships, that it's ok to remember the good times but also being concern about our own future, some times people are part of the journey but just for a while, they will teach you something new and other mostly will share the experience, but most important you have to enjoy life, you have to keep moving, learn new things, start finding the meaning in music, enjoy the little things you create, the new friends you will making, specially with yourself you will take other ways creating new hobbies, yes it hurts and you can show your pain however you want, but then you have to grow your persona be a better man when she left, you have to show that you can be fine by yourself, then if life settle things you may be together again and if not the right one will find you.

    When I finish the book, I started doing exercise, read a lot of comics, going out with my friends, enjoying a good cool beer, meeting other girls, and then after 2 years of enjoying life with nobody except my family, friends and most important myself, my actual girlfriend found me AND NOW ITS HELL! HELP!,... jk, you don't need to find happiness buddy just be happy, and you will be in time, but you have to allow you.

  • by not breaking your self in some bar


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