How to handle a Breakup?

So my ex-girlfriend and I were together for a year and a half, and she had to leave me for her job that required her to go around the world. She had said she wanted to break up because she had no longer loved me the same way we started. Yet she cried her heart out and wanted to ask me if I'd ever take her back (in the future) since she hurt me. Needless to say I was pretty hurt by it since she was my first girlfriend, first kiss, first sexual experience, we did everything new together. I can handle the stress, the heartache of losing her, but how do I help her out? Or do I at all? Should I just move on? Or should I figure myself out and give her a second chance far into the future? (I'm a bit annoyed at that last one because it makes me feel like I'm gonna be her backup plan after she meets a bunch of guys since I'm not holding her back anymore...)

So, Girls, and Guys: What say you?
How to handle a Breakup?
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