A best friend in love dilemma?

Hey you guys so I'll make this short and please provide me with good suggestions from your experiences or stories you heard..

I have a guy best friend of 9-10 years, he had a crush on me from day 1. I see him no more than a brother you gonna say I'm selfish but I really really tried for years to like him back but I failed I just can't see him as my husband/boyfriend there's no spark no attraction of any sort. I tried my hardest.

I've always known but last year or 2 years ago he confited that he is extremely and deeply in love with me and it's getting worse.. he even yesterday asked me out I didn't respond. I really want to tell him id shatter his heart to pieces and he's been always there for me so to be the source of pain is just taunting.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to see your help.

A best friend in love dilemma?
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