Let cheating dogs lie?

So trying 2 make a long story short, I have been in a relationship for 2 years with a man that has a long history of cheating. When I met him, he had a wife and another girlfriend @ the time & he continued to date both of us up until recently...by recently I should explain that he was arrested and is currently in jail waiting to be released. The other people(family & flings) in his life that he has supported financially for the past 10-25 years all turned their backs on him and have not offered any help or support. He has never taken care of me financially, nor trusted me or been faithful to me, but for some reason I love him and I have stuck by him through all of the ups & downs of our relationship. He has started changing while he has been in jail, by that let me explain. The way he speaks to me and treats me now is much more loving and affectionate, like a light bulb went off in his head & he now see's that I am the only 1 that has stepped up to the plate & helped him out I keep $$ on my cell phone so he can call everyday, I put $$ on his boox so he can be a little bit comfier in jail. He has told me that he realizes that he never treated me good & can't believe I stuck by this long. We have had a mostly physical relationship and we have become closer via emails & talking on the phone. I have and will remain faithful to him because I love him with my heart & soul. He tells me that when he gets out things will change and he wants to start a family with me, marry me and treat me like he should've all along. Should I trust him or is he just stringing me along so he's not lonely, will he change or is it just lost hope?


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  • is he using you? is he in jail for reasons that could be harmful to you?...once a cheater, always a cheater...

    • Thats what I'm afraid of, no he is not in jail for anything harmful 2 me...I am kind of blinded by love @ this point, I think I'm trying 2 convince myself that things will be different, but I used 2 b a cheater & I changed my ways , but I know not every1 is like me, and with his history I'm just not sure...I would like 2 believe that maybe he is ready 2 settle down and treat a lady right, but still looking for suggestions...thanx a mil 4 the response!

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