Why do I feel so scared?

I finally told my ex that I was angry because of the way he and his family treated me. I was friends with his family before I dated him. I went to their house every Sunday for a year. Then all of the sudden they just ignored me. And this was before I told them about us. After that I only heard from the aunt, because I could get her cheap sausages, or when she needed something. The sister with whom I was really good friends hardly contacted me. And the guy at the local pub told me to stay away from them. I got so angry I had a fight with the guy. When ever the aunt asked me to do something I did it. Last night I decided to tell him how I felt used. And he blocked me. And I feel so scared and I feel I did something wrong by finally telling the truth. It has been two years and I just had to say something. I have moved on from him. But i always felt connected and not really free still having these feelings of being used. I am supposed to feel free now. But I am scared!


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  • I think u deserves a good person! he is hell used u , a person like that is a coward !

  • yes you are free. Its a little scary at first but it will pass. You will be just fine

    • Thank you

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    • It gets easier

    • That's good to know. 😊

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