Why not just admit you went back to her? Why do you need to lie? What difference does it make when I knew you were with someone else?

I was seeing this guy for a few months.. we really liked each other but he was insecure. He would tell me he loved me was into me but one day we got In a fight and broke up he thought I was seeing another man and said I cheated 🙄 I don't understand how I would be a cheater when he broke up with me.. and by the way there was no other guy... anyway we never got back together but he always got upset at the thought of me being with someone.. long story short he ends up telling me he loves me but he's just hurt now fast forward a couple of months after one of are arguments he gets mad says he got back with his ex and there getting married so of course I was so hurt.. he takes it back and says he said that to hurt me.. there were so many times I asked him if he went back to her and never would answer the question.. we had stopped talking and when I wished him happy holidays he responded back and also said how he was sorry for how he treated me and the things he had said and he let his ego get in the way.. so I told him I found out he got back with his ex and he got mad and called me crazy when my intentions were only to let him know that I knew and wish them happiness.. I don't get why he got upset I don't understand why he wouldn't admit he went back to her when I knew he was dating someone elSe anyway. he went back to blaming me for everything and saying I never loved him and that my intentions were always to hurt him and not to contact him anymore.. I think he got scared I would show her the emails he would send to me while they had gotten back together.. I did love him and he left me but I just wanted the truth I just wanted closure and for him to be honest with me. Why does it make a difference if I know he went back to his ex and why was he always denying her? He said the girl he was with was just someone he was dating for a month... I don't get why lie about it?


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  • I think he isn't ready for dating. If he goes paranoid and thinks that you were cheating on him then either 2 things happened. 1: He was actually the one cheating on you or 2: He didn't trust you. When you date someone you should have peace of mind and know what you want. Seems to me that he doesn't exactly know what he wants yet. As for the lying part... either he doesn't want you to think ill of him or some other dumb reason. People lie for a lot of reasons, what he needs to do is tell the truth and start acting like he loves you

    • We aren't together.. we dated and he claimed he broke up with me because he got jealous for no reason... I found out he went back to his ex.. for months I would ask him and he would never answer or admit he went back to her and that's what I don't get I would of understood they had history together.. I'm just hurt because I feel used he use to tell me he loved me how can u just go back to her.. I'm upset because I found out through social media and when I confronted him and told him I knew I did it very peacefully and he got mad and said I was crazy... what also hurts me is the message he had sent me right before I told him I knew was how he felt bad for how he treated me and things he said to me.. as soon as I was honest and told him I knew he started to be so mean.. I don't understand why.. maybe he was scared I was going to show her the messages he was sending me.. I don't know

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    • Ya thank you 😊.. I was just hurt he wasn't honest

    • I understand, hope you find someone that is honest 😊

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  • if he went back to his ex and if she was his first love, chances are he never really got over her

    • Your right but when you love someone don't you claim them? I asked him before if he was seeing someone after they had been together for months and he said what proof did I have... I can't ever imagine being in love with someone and not admitting it.. also when I told him I found out all he kept saying to me was i never loved him and I was talking to a bunch of guys.. that wasn't true by the way that's his insecurities.. all I'm asking why not admit it? Why lie to me if I'm nothing to you? Why write me an email saying your sorry for how you treated me and for all the things he said to me and he had been reflecting on all that? Then in a peaceful way I said I knew u got back with her and I wish you happiness why get upset? It doesn't make sense... if you love her claim her that's all I'm saying

    • yeah, his kind of guys are scared to be in a committed relationship. if he loves her then he should tell people proudly but if he doesn't then maybe he doesn't care.
      but what you're saying, maybe he still loves you but to try to forget you he got back with her and when you asked him he lied so you won't think that he's gone

    • But why get mad I found out and why tell me I'm crazy? He tried to switch it on me and say I cheated. What difference is that I know ur with her or not if I knew u were dating someone else anyway.

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