What would you do in this situation? ?

My long time ex got back together with his girlfriend who he was with before me, a couple months after we broke up. I sent him a long text pretty much saying I didn't want to be with him anymore when I decided we should break up. It was just one big goodbye basically. He never responded. I ended up unfollowing him for a little while on Instagram and I blocked then unblocked him so he wouldn't be following me. He somehow noticed and then asked me about it. We kind of talked about why we broke up. We came to an agreement that we could still be friends. I just assumed we were done talking after that.

But every few weeks since, he tries to start up a conversation with me. He'll like a lot of my insta posts too. And he's even asked to hang out (just him & I) on 2 separate occasions. This is all while he's still in a relationship. I just want to know if his intentions are pure, or if I should be cautious?

*insight into why we broke up: he just stopped texting me and asking me to hangout. He says it was because he was busy, which I believe, but that doesn't mean you have to stop communicating with me.


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  • If he get back with you_ would he not be breaking the other girls heart. Would you really want some one like that for a bf?

    • That's what I'm asking lol. I can't tell if he actually just wants to be friends, or if he's trying to keep me around just in case his relationship falls through?

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    • I mean, if I had a boyfriend and he was still talking to his ex and asking her to hang out, I would be pretty angry.

    • yep, i think you have just answered your own question 😊

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  • if the other girl was his first love then chances are he never really got over her and unconsciously he wanted you to breakup with him so that he could go back to her. other thab that I'm not sure what he wabts but I guess he just wants a friendship with you


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