Why did he never acknowledge my love for him?

We are both 22 and he is my first love.. we were very shy... at least me. At 18years old.. I showed him that I love him through my actions... After a fight I even invented a Disney story to express my love for him.. I won't dare read that story today but he seemed pretty touched by the story.. 4years onward we were great friends.. with high and lows.. however we flirted, sexted etc... now out of the blue he announces me that he is dating a girl.. my emotional reaction was to keep him.. sent him a message (I know stupid of me) from what I got as reply seems that he doesn't know what to say.. did he never acknowledge my love for him because of distance or he never loved me? Pls no silly comment


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  • showed love with action how 😒
    did u tell him i love u or u just hinted

    • Bought a birthday cake, Celebrated his birthday, gave him expensive gifts, bite his finger... I just hinted.. Later I told him and he said that he got the vibes

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    • he maybe didn't like u that way 😊😝

    • Oki.. I tried in every way I could to love him.. but I can't force him to love me back
      Thank you for answering 🙂

What Girls Said 1

  • If you're not willing to be brave and use your words you have no right to think you could "keep him".

    • What Do u mean? I used my words.. I apologies, expressed my love again knowing that he has started dating that girl.. yet he answered back he likes that girl...

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    • If he told you he couldn't/didn't want to be with you due to distance but you chose to continue investing your emotion into him anyway; that's on you honey.
      Listen to peoples words, and make your decisions based on that. You will save yourself a lot of heartache in the future

    • Lesson learnt 🙂

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