I want her back. Did I mess u?

So sometime in April, I met this woman who was 10 years older than I am and we hit it off! We were essentially titled friends with benefits as she ideally wanted to focus on herself. Anyways, we were more like a relationship than anything. I wanted a relationship ideally.

She broke things off. She said she needed SPACE. We got into a huge argument about it. Immediately, I went in 'no contact'. After being separated for a weekend, she continuously texted me asking how I was and I would keep the text to a bare minimum where she wouldn't be able to reply. After not texting each other for a couple days, she got upset and said 'I guess you were only in it for one thing'

After she texted that, I told her my feelings for her were genuine and i thought she wanted space. After this odd text, she continuously kept texting me and attempting to talk to me at work. I would still attempt to keep the conversation short.

Her behavior recently:
At work she is constantly looking at me, always being either playful or extremely bitter, ALWAYS the first to look at my snapchat or Instagram stories, and she seems to be flirting with my boss (which she genuinely despises being around), I could also tell she is trying to get my attention which is something I'm not willing to give. She also posted on Snapchat which is highly unusual as she told me she never did. I didn't bother to look at it.

How I am behaving:
Simply acting indifferent and keeping communications short. Whenever she would text, I would wait a couple hours to reply. When I post something up on snapchat or instagram, I'm showing I am doing something fun or living my life.

Now, I have stopped posting on snapchat and instagram so she can wonder about me as I don't work for the next week and am "in a different city"

Give me your thoughts on her and her behavior

What should I do to get her back?


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  • omg the drama! you two are playing games with each other. how about an honest talk with her?

  • For me, I would like a guy to just tell me how he feels. When a man can have a good, simple conversation and express his feelings, its a turn on because its not something that is easy for men to do. I like to know where I stand with men. If you like me or want to be with me, tell me. Women also do a lot of messed up stuff like if we know you like us, we use it to our advantage, which it sounds like she's doing. Knowing you like her but yet playing it cool- she's doing the same thing. Or she could also be doing whatever she can to get your attention since you dialed back on your communications with her. I say us women are simple creatures when it comes to dating. If you like us, tell us how you feel. To me, there's a lot of mind games between the two of you. If after you talk to her, and she still doesn't seem to know what she wants, then forget it. All she would do is be wishy washy during your relationship anyways which is not what you want in a woman. Good Luck!

    • I told her how i felt already when she broke up with me.

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