Guys, how do you feel about being ignored?

Loooong story short (and you can read my other post for deets)- my fiancé left 2 weeks ago. The first week I begged for him to come home. Our breakup was initiated by me but I took it back later that day. After he had already left. Too late. He then decided it was best because "this wasn't going to a healthy place". Days later wanted to talk about "starting over". Then went ghost! No replies to my messages etc.
came to get the rest of his things. Said maybe we can try again in a few weeks, I said no. That's torture. Went ghost on him for three days, but he didn't call me at all. Soooo I called him. Responded infrequently but agreed to see me. Didn't show. Now it's been two weeks since he left.
He isn't calling or replying to me- what the hell is going on in his mind? I'm sure there is no one else- I have a good source on this. BUT is it possible that after being engaged and sharing his life with me he has moved on from me so quickly? Will ignoring him and giving him space help my chances of getting him back? Also- should I delete him from Fb? What's your guys take on that?


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  • the say most complicated thing is a girl's mind, but it's actually a guy's mind, it has more options for one question, n more suggestions from friends also have influence on the guys decision, if he is having a major swing like that, it's better if u leave him


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