My boyfriend never has time for me and always plays video games. Should I break up with him?

I know him when we worked together at my previous company. Now I left and he's still working there. We still keep in touch through messaging but lately I just feel so distant. He never has time for me anymore. We went out on Apr 8 and have stopped ever since. Every time I ask about going out on weekend, he keeps making excuses, like: His Mom comes to visit so he wants to spend time with her, or his brother's family comes stay with him for a week and he has to play with his nephews. I know he's a family-man kind of guy, but I think this has gone too far.
And talk about messaging, he says he is busy so he doesn't text me so often. But I find out that after he goes home from work, he spends his time on video games and only text me 2-3 sentences AFTER 2 AM.
I have talked with him about this issue but he keeps saying that he doesn't like to be forced into doing sth. He will do it when he feels like it.
So I stop talking to him. And he doesn't seem to bother.

I think it's time to end this because he has no respect for me at all. I just don't know whether to break up with him in person (IF, by some miracles, he agrees to hang out with me) or by text.
Any advice?
Okay. So I talked to him about the issue and broke up with him. But the next day, he messaged me like nothing happened :v He even asked me like "How are you?", "How was your work today?" like he actually cared. I'm so confused right now. Is he in a state of shock or sth?


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  • Yes. look think about this: he's putting video games before you. what does that tell you? that video games are more important to him than you are. That's his priority. he's clearly not too interested in you (I'm sorry) so for your own sake you should move on. you should be with someone who looks forward to spending time with you and doesn't ignore you for electronics

    • Yeah, I think you're right. Thank you for your advice. Really appreciate it ^^

    • No problem I hope everything works out for you :)

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  • I had a similar situation except for it was much worse since we had a 6 month old baby together... he's stay up ALL night playing talking real loud on Xbox live kept waking me up when I'm the one who never slept... plus he would be snooping girls facebooks n shit too... yeah no leave him girl he's immature you'll regret not putting yourself first. He's not putting you first so it's your job to put you first...

    • Wow :( Poor you :( Have you talked to him about this issue?
      This boyfriend of mine also loves following hot girls on Instagram and FB too =_= I know boys do that all the time but I'm still somewhat annoyed. And when I told him how I felt, he said he added them just for fun, he never talked to them, and he was a kind of guy who loved beauty, etc. =_= He doesn't even listen to me at all. So I agree with you. I will break up with him for good.
      Thank you for your advice! Hope your situation will get better soon.

    • Well all guys do weird shit like that porn etc is girls don't understand but the key is to find a "mature" man who has gotten a lot of that out of their system... that's my goal anyway my ex was 20 and that was just nonsense

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  • Wasting his time in the virtual world and isn't spending his time in thed real world. I'd leave him.

  • Don't get between a man and his video games. No woman is more interesting than Fallout 4 or Skyrim.

  • I would dump you.

  • What game is it he can't stop playing? And do you consider it your love rival, nemesis even?

    • It's League of Legend. Haha, and no, I don't consider it to be my rival :)) It's just that he clearly doesn't care about me. So I think I should break up and move on, that's all :)

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    • He's the child make no mistake
      I'd give him another chance to redeem himself then you walk

    • Hmm... I doubt he would change. But I'll consider. Thank you for your help ^^

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  • yeah, you don't like his behaviors, and he has made it clear he won't change.

  • yes because he has more time for video games than his own girl


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