What should she do?

Needed some input on my friends situation bc at this point idek what to tell her

*She was in a relationship with someone for 3 years with intention of marriage but he broke up with her a month ago bc he said he doesn't love her as much anymore & they're both busy

*They're both different religious sections so that was always gonna be a problem with their parents (also they never banged)

*She texts him daily still and tries to get back with him but he keeps saying no and to move on BUT if they don't talk he still msgs her and asks how she is what she's doing etc etc but keeps it platonic

I suggested to her that she should go NO contact for a month or 2 and even though she agreed, he msgs her daily asking what's wrong how's work etc and then she gives in so I'm not sure.. What do you recommend? Also just to make it clear - she wants him back desperately

+1 y
OK so new info - Apparently he's seen on FB interacting with this other girl a lot and esp after the breakup they've gotten super duper close lately lol so my friend thinks that's possibly why the random breakup

What should she do?
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