Should I give this relationship another shot?

so there's this guy that I've been on and off with for over a year now. We've had a lot of issues in the past and right now he has a different girlfriend. I just moved to new york a few weeks ago and he still lives in Arkansas. me and him have never been able to stay away from each other for very long so even if we were dating other people, we still hung out. he even told one of his girlfriends that if they had a problem with him talking to me, he would end the relationship. bottom line, we have been talking a lot lately and he wants me to move back. he says that now that he lost me, he realizes that I'm the one he wants to be with. I still have a year left of high school and I can't leave move back until I'm 18 (so that would be next summer) but I think that he's the one. I'm just not sure if he'll feel that way in a year...he says he will but I really don't know what to think...if I were to leave new york it would only be because of him but I don't want to leave and things not work out. should I just take the chance if he says he still wants me after all that time?


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  • Couldn't you continue the relationship without moving in together?

    • I wouldn't live with him, I'd just move back to the state he's in and we'd both be in the same college.

    • If it won't disrupt your schooling you gamule go for it.

  • It will certainly test his feelings by waiting a year. You can see how oftern he calls you etc he just might drift away and find someone else...or he might not only time will tell.


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