Guys, Why won't my ex return my things or come get his car which he has the keys too its been 7 months and he is with someone else?

He texts me every now and then. I have asked him numorus of times to come get his car and return my things


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want to cut the cord with you. Keeping some of your things and leaving his car at your place means that there has to be open lines of communication between the two of you so that he can try to get back into your picture.

    • He only texts for a day every few weeks

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    • The child support lettets r for his kids from his ex wife

    • I wasn't say what u were saying wasn't true but what he's doing is in fact true

  • Have his car towed away and forget your things. It's his way of keeping you around as a backup plan and you're stupid enough to allow his game


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