I'm really hurt because my ex who I've been talking to told me I'm nobody for him, he's smarter than me (which I can't believe)?

And he told me a lot of stupid stuff and he argued with me for the second time since he broke up with me when he normally avoids it? I don't know what to do. I just feel hurt and unlike myself.

Then I called him and told him "Yeah I am smarter than you because I live in my own room and you live with your mom. I just have staff to accompany me but they're not in my room. You have your mom who supports you. Yeah you do have your job, but how much do you earn per month? You're a judgmental and you think you're perfect but you're not. Why don't you look at yourself in the mirror before you judge me. Thank God I didn't meet you second time or else it would be out of control second time."
And I told him "You're a player, you're a douchebag, karma is a bitch. I think you and your girlfriend deserve each other because you are both cheaters and liars." While his girlfriend was on the other line.


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  • His comments were from his ego, in an attempt to insult and threaten your ego (to make his feel better). You took the bait and tried to validate yourself to him, as well as threatening his ego back (to make yours feel better).

    This shows an unconscious thought process from your self, and a response from that thought process becoming ''you'' (this will not serve you well in life).

    Your best course of action would have been to completely ignore him and walk away. However, to do so requires one to be fully conscious of their thoughts, secure, aware of triggers, aware of emotions, possible knee jerk reactions and overall how it all made them feel.

    You aren't necessarily hurt, you're ego is hurt, but you do not yet have the ability to separate the two. But we are not our ego. I suggest you use this as an opportunity to learn from this.


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