What would you do if your ex told you that they can't talk to you anymore because of their mom then 2 days later they tell you you're nobody for them?

So on Saturday night I talked to my ex who I've been talking to but I guess I won't be talking to anymore, and I drove by his house then called him and he said "I can't talk to you anymore." I said "What?" He said "Can't talk to you anymore." I said "Why?" He said "Because of my mom." Then a couple or few hours ago, I talked to him again and I tried calling him and left him a voicemail saying that he only talks to me when he wants to and that doesn't work. Then I missed his call when i was on the phone with my bff so I called him back and he literally argued with me for just the second time since he broke up with me. And he said I'm nobody for him, he's smarter than me, he works and I don't, that he has his own room, he has his own phone. And I told him some stuff back. What would you do if your ex told you they couldn't talk to you and then they told you that?


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  • Personally I would suspect their mum had said or done something two the relationship and might be forcing him to stop seeing you so i would probably talk to him if possible or talk to his mum if i felt strongly enough about them

    • He seems like a douchebag and player so I need to move on but I don't know how to forget about him 😭

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    • So its probably his mum forcing him to stop seeing you by the sounds of it you could try talking to him without him mum being able to hear etc and asking what happened good luck

    • Thank you

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  • I'd move the hell on and not waste another minute of energy and time on him.

    • My mom keeps telling me to forget about him too but I don't know how. I think about him all the time. It's not just about wanting to call him or him calling me.

    • Thoughts will come and go. I had a manipulative ex boyfriend who treated me very badly but even I still think of him at times. It is to be expected. with time and distance, you will heal and think of them less and less but dont use thinking as a motivation to contact them and reach out. This is unhealthy and just sets you back like crazy.

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