Will a reconciliation still be possible if I broke up with my ex-boyfriend unexpectedly?

I broke up with my ex 5 days ago. I've been bottling up all my feelings and when he did something wrong I just bursted and broke up with him unexpectedly.

My ex suffers from apathy every now and then. He has a lot of problems right now and all I can do is be patient and understanding. His mother is very manipulative towards him. She always blames him whenever something bad happens in their family. Just like when his dad had a mild stroke, and his mother told him that it's his fault. His relationship with his family is not good right now. On top of that, his company is also on the verge of bankruptcy. He sacrifices half of his salary just for the company to have funds.

This has been going on for almost 2 months. And I've been really patient, understanding, and supportive. There were times that I felt unreciprocated, ignored and uncared for. But I know he has just so much going on in his life so I didn't demand things from him. It has me grow tired. I'm exhausted from all the stresses and emotional rollercoaster I'm getting from him. I felt guilty and bad when I broke up with him the exact time his dad had stroke but I felt like I gotta do that. So I did. For the longest time, he has asked me not to leave his side and asked for my support (which I all gave him). But when I broke up with he told me he's now letting me go because he loves me so much and doesn't want me to be involved in his life mess anymore. He told me "I love you so much" during the breakup, but I didn't say it back and left. I felt really bad.

5 days later, he suddenly messaged me a job hiring post because I've been looking for a job. I said a casual thanks, and he didn't reply.

Is there still a possibility of us being together?
Will a reconciliation still be possible if I broke up with my ex-boyfriend unexpectedly?
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