I'm looking for a reasonable plan for me to take my kids?

Me and my wife separated about two months now and we have no intention what so ever on getting back together, we are struggling to come up with a plan for me to take our two kids, first of all I'm taking them every 2nd weekend for Friday until Monday morning, and the weekends I have off I take them on weekdays for 3days, it was going good until my wife text me saying it's not working out and it should be equal since we both made the kids, but I'm here like I'm only on so much money a week I can only afford so much, I'm paying her child maintenance, more than I should actually, we haven't been to court or anything it's an agreement between ourselves. But anyway I can't afford to keep them as much as I'd like too, she saying she wants equally split time with the kids so does that mean I should pay her half the maintenance as she's getting paid from me and from the state, to me that's not fair I'd like to hear some people's opinions please, thanks in advance


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  • If you're taking equal responsibility with your kids, why should you pay for child maintenance on top of that?
    I'm actually going through the same thing and I was advised by my friend to demand money from my ex. I'm having trouble understanding the concept if we share equal responsibility?
    How are your kids taking the equal time share if I might ask?

    • That's what I was thinking, because it just doesn't make sense to me that iv to pay such amount to her on a weekly basis, and still provide everything for when they come to me, I'm barely able to keep myself going, my two kids ages are 3 and 20 months, so my 20 month old is pretty young and doesn't really understand but my 3 year old does be very upset for the first hour when she arrives but comes around then, but it's natural for a child to miss mom u know

    • My baby is the same age as your little one, used to cry a lot when she was left with daddy, but now she loves it cuz daddy's fun time. So it'll get better. I just wonder what she'll think about her split life as she gets older, you know.

  • She has just as much of an obligation to financially support the kids, it should be 50/50. If she gives you a hard time, I suggest you talk to an attorney.

    • That's what I was thinking, but I just don't want to come across as a bad parent or a dickhead deadbeat dad who causes problems due to money if u know what I mean. Thanks for that 😊

  • Money. The root of all fucking evil! I hope everything works out asker. I really do.


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