Am I just his friend or acquaintance now?

I messaged this guy that i was seeing over 2 years ago and he replied which I wasn't expecting at all. He has a girlfriend (I think he still does but I found out months ago) but he was very open and sweet with me. He told me it was nice how I just understood him, how stressed he was, his situation and how sweet I was. He wasn't even this open with his feelings when we were together so why is he being like this now?


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  • you didn't told me more about nature like how he behaves with you and how with others but I think he is like a best friend. He thinks you as one so he shares thing with you. I don't go open to any person whom I don't trust.

    • We had a very short but intense relationship a long time ago. He's a pretty fun person but not especially open with anyone

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    • Well Now i don't wanna tell what to do it's not good for you to hear.

    • Just do it

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