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Hey guys.

I'm currently in a relationship right now with my boyfriend.

We've known each other for 4 years and have been exclusive for about 5 months, and casually talked for over a year.

We're just juniors in high school. I know high school relationships don't tend to last, but me and him are growing at the same pace together and it just feels right. Our relationship is very serious.

unfortunately, for college, it has been decided that he is going across the world to another continent for 4 years.
i know I may be thinking too far ahead, but I don't know if I should invest anymore or my time into a relationship that will 97% not lead into marriage, b/c of his departure to another continent?

I know long-distance would not be an option and if it was, I know we'd both be miserable apart.

should I end it before or keep it going?


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  • There is a simple answer. If u can live happily without him then end it or if u can stop to miss him then keep it.
    Distances do not matter in Love, if thats what u r concerned about. If he truly loves u n u truly love him, then u will try ur best to be together, No matter what happens.

  • 4 year is a great time. anything can be happened. It totally depends on you both if you two will stick together or will go separately. I mean you can find someone in your college whom you could fall in love also same for him. Only if you both are committed to each other and will be in touch constantly. Though It can be like he has urge to make love and goes with other girl. I don't think I am right but It can be like that. It just depends on how you two are committed to each other. cause I have seen people are separate for week and cheated. and people separated for decade still didn't cheated.


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