View on Cheating?

What's your view on cheating in a relationship? Both physical and emotional


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  • In my book, it's the WORSE form of betrayal in a relationship. I have been cheated on and I know what it feels like to love someone with every breath you take. Then, in one moment of selfishness, your world is shattered, your heart is ripped from your chest and set ablaze before your very eyes, you feel dead inside and go completely numb and everything you knew is gone. It doesn't matter if it's emotional or physical, cheating is cheating. Once someone betrays my trust then it's unequivocally over forever. I will never forgive or give a second chance. Why? Because, my logic is such that if someone truly loves me and cannot imagine being with anyone else then cheating shouldn't even enter the equation, period.

    • I've seen cheated on too. So I know where you're coming from

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  • I would end the relationship. I wouldn't like to cheat and wouldn't like any body cheating on me .


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