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When I first met you, I thought to myself. Dang she looks good! Sexy thang! I remember looking at your lips and wondering how they tasted. When I asked you out, it felt right. I wasn't doughting my decision. I wasn't surprised that you said yes. Because I felt the connection between us. You were glowing like a star. Always smiling, always laughing and always holding my hand. It felt so good to know that you were happy. After I propose to you, you changed a little bit. Not much. You weren't being as nice. I thought that was a phase. On our wedding day. That day was one of my best days of my life. I really thought I made a good decision. Everyone was so happy. But the most Happy it was me. I thought to myself. Wow I'm married. A new start. A new life. From now on we are separated from everyone else. Me and you are 1. I thought that was so good! Never ever thought that I was so so wrong! Only if I knew. Id spare me all the pain that I have now. I'm laying here thinking about us. And it kills me. Like to be honest. I haven't ate for 2 days straight. I know that I should probably eat but just dont have the apitaite. That just shows how scary this whole thing is to me. You might be reacting to this better but remember. You damaged me. You ruined my soul!!!
You gave me life and you took my life away!!! shouldn't have cheated on me! now your on your own. don't think you'll get away with this.


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  • I wouldn't send a letter. What do you hope to accomplish with that?


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  • I'm sorry that she cheated on you man, no one deserves that and you have every right to be hurt, sad, and furious. You're losing sight though and not thinking straight. You're letting your anger control you and that's never a good place to be when you want to communicate with someone. I know you hate her and she knows it too and you have every right to, but telling her all that will not make your anger go away, it's only going to add more problems in your life and create even more anger. You should just tell her you know about the cheating and you won't forgive her and that she's on her own. She doesn't deserve to hear anything else, it's her lost not yours. She lost someone who loved her and respected her and all you lost was an unloyal weak and disrespectful partner. I pity her and so should you. No need to say anything more than it's over because she doesn't deserve that.

    • to be honest. that was the best encouragement message I ever got. even my side of my family didn't do as good as you lol thank you man! thank you! you make %100 sense! 👌

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    • also I recommend that whenever you feel really mad or really want to tell her something to write it all out like you did here then leave it and read it a few days later (with no intention of ever sending it to her). It really helps with the grieving process and moving on. You get all your feelings out and also see how far you progress.

    • thank you very much!!! it's good to hear this from a guys view!

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