What are you supposed to do when your ex is talking about you behind your back?

This guy I worked with at McDonald'sis 36 years old and was supposed to be my dad's friends but he went behindhis back and dated me. I wish I would of never dated him I didn't know better because I was young and naive. It is been a year now and he is deciding now to talk trash about my dad and I behind our backs.


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  • do nothing. it will die down soon enough.

  • It needs two to mingle, so don't say he went ahead your dads back and dated you; because you accepted.
    To help you, the only way is by telling your dad what happened between both of you, you can skip the sex part if there was. That's the only solution, or if he's married, you can threaten him to tell his wife and kids (but don't do it for your own good)


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