How to forget him faster?

Just a think on my mind, if you broke up with a guy, what did you do and how to make you forger him faster? More likely moving on. But you feel like need to find another guy yet you feel so wrong by moving on real quick? You feel like this other guy just some a "running feeling"?


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  • it's not easy.. it will take time but time heals everything. move on spent time with family and friends and god knows someone better is waiting for u


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  • first, why did you break up with him?

    • He is the one who broke me up, he said he just wanted to be alone. but I guess it seems like he found someone else, i can see from his behavior lately.. he lost his interested toward me.. and in other day, i saw this girl who so active chatting and talking with my boyfriend. I never suspicious to him, but when I ask her who is she? he got angry to me..

    • well then its clear. how long were you both together though? if it was a few years then he is such a big asshole that after spending years with you he found another girl. and a rebound is not the way to forget him faste. you'll just hope that the new guy was your guy. concentrate on yourself. do something in the summer. take a vacation start something. chose your interest and do something with it. focus on yourself. he hurt you so much , you should start hating him and never look back

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