I lost the love of my life.. help please?

Hey Guys, My story is rather long, but i will try to make it as short as possible. My boyfriend and I had been dating for4 years and a half ( im 27 he is 25). We were a very happy couple and had amazing chemistry. For the past two years, we have encountered a lot of challenges and had many fights though still had a great relationship. we have gone on several breaks, and even mentioned breakups but didn't really go there. We always figured out a way to work things out, but somehow problems still occurred. We had times where we would solve out issues maturely, others not so much. He is the type of person that does not handle emotions to well, especially negative ones. The problems overwhelmed him a lot, he never even got to a point of saying I love you, although I know he felt it in his own way. Three months ago, he got hit by an infection and was not able to see me for months. We dealt well with space, and it increased our emotions for eachother. Before he got sick, we had just gotten a from a break and planned on working our issues out. however, one month ago we had a bad fight over the phone, so bad that I lost control. We broke up few days back. He told me that he is confused and doesn't feel ready for a relationship right now, and that it wouldn't be fair to me. He told me he has strong feelings towards me , but over time felt restricted due to our differences and that it has affected him in a personal level. I know you probably hear this a lot from break up stories, but our relationship was very special and different. I realized what I've done wrong, and told him. He seems to be sure of his decision although he said he is confused. I need him in my life, and need him to realize that we can work this out, and haven't really given it a proper chance. How can i do that?

Thanks a million.
I lost the love of my life.. help please?
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