Chorus to Rascal Flatts new song "Are You Happy Now". Why do you think the lyrics mean?

Here are the lyrics. " What goes around comes back around. It always been that way forever. Baby, just look at you now, barely holding it together. We were so in love, but you have that up. Just look around, are you happy now? Oh, are you happy now?" What do you think the lyrics mean?


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  • The person he's addressing did something to end the relationship and it left him heartbroken and a mess. He's basically pointing out that now they're not together, she's a mess like he was until he got over her and he's gloating because she messed everything up which is why he asks if she's happy now that she's a mess without him

  • it means that the relationship ended, maybe she ended it or it ended because of some wrongdoing on her part... and now she's doing poorly...

    • It is like my relationship with my ex. We were so happy together and in love, then one day she ended it. And right now she is not happy all the time. She is struggling with things.

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